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Food & Beer   /   December 03, 2021

‘Tis the season to be hoppy!

This season Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is bringing you hoppy holidays with our usual lineup of live music and bar games, plus we’ve upped our Bavarian-style fare!

Yes, this season we are giving you the gift of no cooking! Our master chefs have been working hard to get on your nice list with two special holiday menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Let’s dig into these, shall we?

First up: Christmas Eve

Bayerische Gulaschsuppe
You can choose to begin your feast with this famous soup, garnished with croutons and chives.

Fried Brie Cheese
Who doesn’t love cheese? We bread and cook ours to a golden brown, then serve it with a salad bouquet and cranberries.


Quarter-Roasted Duck
When you’re ready for the main course, our quarter-roasted duck is the perfect choice. It’s stuffed with onions, apples, and oranges and served with potato roesti, red cabbage, and orange sauce. Yum!

Warm Holiday Bread Pudding “Black Forest”
We save the best for last! This delicious treat is served with chocolate ice cream, holiday spiced cherries, and whipped cream.

A German Christmas tradition! Prost with this mulled wine boasting Christmas spices.


The Big Day: Christmas

Our Christmas Day spread features the homemade chunky Salmon Chowder, Fried Brie Cheese and Glühwein, but we’ve added a couple of surprises for this special occasion:

Hofbräuhaus Rinderfilet Medaillon 
Seared beef medallion and green peppercorn sauce served with au gratin potatoes and asparagus hollandaise.

Warm Cinnamon Bread Pudding
Wrap up a decadent meal with our bread pudding, served with vanilla ice cream, eggnog Anglaise, holiday spiced cherries and whipped cream.

Whether you’re planning a party or just want to enjoy the company of family in a lively atmosphere, our beer hall and Biergarten are the best places to celebrate in Las Vegas while enjoying a nice home-cooked Christmas dinner.

We hope to prost with you this holiday season!

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