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Experience   /   February 16, 2017

Go Behind The Scenes


At Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, we’re known for the centuries-old traditions that have been carried on from the original Haus in Munich, Germany.


But there is one tradition that belongs just to us.


Have you ever been sitting in our Bier Hall or Biergarten, lost in the flavor of a tender Schnitzel or one of our original brews, and are suddenly snapped out of your reverie by a resounding whack reverberating throughout our Haus?


That was the sound of a paddle making contact with the rear end of one of our more-than-willing guests. And at the other end of that paddle is our very own Spankstress, Judy.


Yes, we have a spanking tradition and a Spankstress.


You may have seen our Paddling Princess, clad in black and roaming the aisles ready to deliver the paddle of a lifetime to anyone willing to take the hit. But there is much more to this Bavarian beauty than meets the paddle.


We sat down with Judy one-on-one so you can get to know the woman behind the whack


Q: Who was the oldest person you have ever spanked?
A: A young man came in for his 100th birthday, so of course he got a spanking. We have pictures!


Q: In your expert opinion, who can take a spanking better: men or women?
A: Lots of women handle it well actually! Men put on a brave front either way.


Q: Take us back to the first time you delivered a spanking to a guest. How did you feel?
A: I was nervous! That area is, um, sensitive


Q: You may be the Queen paddler, but the servers also help. Do they go through special spank training?
A: Absolutely! You have to have proper form, and come in at a certain angle in order to keep your eye on the prize. We have to make sure the spankee doesn’t have anything in their pockets, that their elbows and forearms are on the table, and their legs are nice and study.


Q: How long did it take you to perfect your paddling method?
A: I’ve been doing this more than 11 years—I get better with every spanking!


Q: Does it matter what kind of paddle is used?
A: Not really, but I do have my own stash of paddles that I like. You can even name one!
(Find out how, below!)


Q: Who’s your most-famous victim, er, spankee?
A: So many good ones! I’ve paddled NSYNC’s Joey Fatone, Mark Shunock from Rock of Ages, some of the guys from the Thunder From Down Under as well as Chippendales, and even the Ladies of Fantasy.


Q: What’s the most people you’ve spanked in a night?
A: Oh man, so many I’ve lost count! More than 20 for sure.


Q: You’ve built up quite a following. How does it feel to be “famous”?
A: It’s weird because I’ll just be out getting coffee or something and people will come up and say things like, “you spanked my husband last year”, or, “I was at Hofbrauhaus in 2011 and you gave me a spanking, remember?” And I actually remember! I’m not great with names, but I rarely forget a face.


Q: What do you get asked the most?
A: Can I spank you? I have an answer for that…but I can’t share it here.


Q: Do you have a favorite spanking story?
A: I’ve made so many memories over the years! But there is a father and daughter who come in often, and every time someone gets paddled, the little girl, who is maybe 3, loves to watch and says things like “naughty” and “bad” every time. It’s so cute.


Q: When you’re not helping make your mark on people’s Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas experience, how do you spend your time?
A: I love hanging out with my Jack Russell, Jungo! He’s 15!


Now you have a chance to be part of our paddling history by naming Judy’s paddle! Submit your entry (just one please) to our Facebook page or in the comments below, for the chance to win your very own paddle, signed by the Spankstress herself! (Contest ends February 28, 2017 at 11:59pm)


Can you say fan club?

Judy's biggest fan, Stevie



Share your favorite photo with Judy in the comments below!


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