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Experience   /   December 05, 2016

Now Boarding: An Amazing Experience


Like the people that make them up, countries can be very different. They banter, argue and share common interests. It’s part of what makes this world so great!


A Chinese airline, Hainan Airlines Global, recently launched a non-stop flight from Beijing to Las Vegas, and it got us thinking about the relationships forged between countries, particularly China and our own Germany. 


These may seem like two worlds apart, but China and Germany share a mutual love of many things! Like soccer. This game gets the hearts racing of German and Chinese fans alike, and many German soccer players are treated like superstars in China. The Chinese culture also has a great appreciation for German engineering, especially when it comes to cars.


Everyone at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is so excited about the new addition to the world of flight because it means we get to keep these shared loves alive when our friends from China come to town! We show all the major soccer matches, like the World Cup, on big screens in our beer hall and new Biergarten, and trust us, it gets crazy in here!


Then there’s the engineering. While we don’t make automobiles, we carry on the tradition of this craft through our dedication to delivering our guests the best beer and food in Las Vegas (if not the world!) With beers imported straight from Munich, Germany and master chefs creating authentic Bavarian-style fare, it really is Oktoberfest every day of the week!


This blog may be focused on our Far East fans, but we pride ourselves on providing a piece of German culture to every guest—it’s part of what makes us one of the best places to visit in Sin City.


No matter where you’re coming in from, we look forward to sharing a piece of our beloved culture with you! And the more the merrier. If you have a large party, let us handle the details by clicking here.


Photo Credit: Nicole Raz, Las Vegas Review Journal

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