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Upcoming Events

Thu, 14 Feb

Valentine's Day 2019

Choose Hofbrauhaus this Valentine's Day!

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! We’re serving up a three-course meal option that is sure to impress your Valentine.

Sat, 16 Feb

Bier Yoga

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Join us as we partner with Lululemon for a complimentary yoga class and your choice of Hofbrau beer. Led by Eileen Lorraine

Wed, 30 Jan through Wed, 13 Mar

Bayern Munich & FC Liverpool

Champions League Soccer

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Catch all the action live at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas as FC Liverpool & Bayern Munich take the field during the Champions League round of 16 match at 1:00pm

Thu, 21 Mar through Sun, 24 Mar

March Madness 2019

Welcome to the Mad Haus!

Tue, 1 Jan through Sun, 31 Mar


Try our dark side today

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Made from a variety of special malts, this brunette brew is truly one of a kind. Get it while you can!

Wed, 30 Jan through Sun, 3 Mar

Mountain Mexx Duo

Live Entertainment Nightly

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Entertainment on the highest niveau.
The 2 guys of “Mountain Mexx Duo” understand how to draw an audience into their professionally created stage events.

Mon, 4 Mar through Tue, 9 Apr

Basti Fantasti and Jodelqueen Margret Almer

Live Entertainment Nightly

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Basti Fantasti & Jodelqueen Margret Almer create something special every time they are on stage. It`s the first time on stage at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, but with their musical talents - playing classic Bavarian tunes, they never fail to rock the house!

1.0L HBLV_600x300.png

1.0L Glass Stein

Drink in style right in the comfort of your own home with this souvenir mug.