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Original Flavor

Classic Beers


Full-bodied bottom-fermented lager offering a fine hops aroma and well balanced flavor

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Hefe Weizen

A refreshing brew characterized by its sparkling rich foam and fruit-forward flavor

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Subtle spices and rich flavor make this refreshing brew a perfect choice for any occasion

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Seasonal Beers


The Oktoberfest brew is a rich and full-bodied bier made from high-quality malt and exquisite hops

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One of Munich’s oldest beers
offers a clean finish ideal for

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Dunkel Weizen

The uplifting notes of wheat beer meet the richness of dark beer for a truly unique combination

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Purity Law

On April 23, 1516 Duke Wilhelm IV and Duke Ludwig X declared “Only barley, hops and water should be accepted and used for brewing beer!”

The Reinheitsgebot, otherwise known as The Purity Law, was born.

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