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Bier   /   January 01, 2017

There's Magic In The Malts


At Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas the New Year means more than champagne toasts (or beer prosts in our case) and a list of resolutions. For us it signifies the return of our famous Dunkel Weizen, aka Dark Wheat brew.



This year we asked the longest-running hypnotist in Las Vegas, Anthony Cools, to do the honors of ushering in this seasonal favorite by being our January keg tapper. His home base of Paris Las Vegas Hotel is just a few stein throws away from our off-Strip restaurant, and we thought his unique blend of comedy and magic was the perfect match for the mix of malts that has been mesmerizing beer lovers for centuries.


Friday, January 13 at 7:30pm, Cools will be the star of our ceremonial parade before tapping into our Dark Wheat beer. We know, seems like eons away but the good news is you can enjoy this brew starting January 1!



You want to know more about this one-of-kind flavor? No problem.


As we mentioned earlier, our Dark Wheat brew boasts variety of malts: Munich Malt, Caramel and Röstmalz. This hypnotic combination results in a brew unlike any other in our liquid lineup. Pair it with our Bavarian-style food and you really have a reason to celebrate. We personally think it’s the only way to start 2017 off right, and with the dynamic Anthony Cools kicking things off, you can’t go wrong! (You also can’t go wrong with the unique way this brew is made. Check it out in this blog




So along with hitting the gym and eating right, we hope you decide to put a visit to our Haus at the top of your resolutions list, starting with the tapping of our special Dark Wheat beer.


Here’s to making 2017 the best year yet!


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