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Experience   /   March 17, 2017

The Steins Of The Times


Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas is known for big bier, but did you know that each full liter stein weighs about 5.5 pounds? Lifting one full brew to your lips is impressive enough, but can you imagine lifting 6 all at once? Or 10? Or even 16?


This is just another day in the lives of Peter and Maria, two of our amazing servers. Don’t get us wrong, all of our servers are awesome. Peter and Maria just happen to be able to carry a crazy number of full steins to thirsty patrons, all at once.


We sat down with our two strong arms to get their tricks of the trade—we think their answers may surprise you!


First, we needed to know exactly how many steins each of them could carry.

Maria, an eight-year Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas veteran started out only being able to carry six at a time (still note-worthy if you ask us), but now she is up to a whopping 14!
Peter, who just happens to be half German, started out carrying 10 and has worked his way up to 16 in the two years he’s been with us. He actually broke his own record of 14 when we did this interview!




How is this even possible?



They say it’s a mix of strength, balance, practice, and logistics. The interlocking stein handles are key as well. No, they aren’t like magic rings, but there is a way to position the handles so they can “easily” grab a bunch at once. The rest depends on the aforementioned balance and strength.


And, of course, practice makes perfect.


It’s a good thing they get plenty of it then. Peter and Maria say on an average night they carry a minimum of 50 steins! Not all at once, of course, although they are both down to try and beat Oliver Streumpfel’s and Anita Schwarz’ records of Most beer steins carried over 40 meters (131 feet). He’s up to 24, and she’s at 19.


Maria says: Someone has to do it, why can’t it be me?


We totally agree.


World record or not, carrying all that beer has to be nerve-wracking, right?


We know how people feel about their favorite Hofbrau bier — waste not, want not! Carrying up to 88 pounds of authentic brew is one thing, but doing it without a mishap is another. Both Maria and Peter proudly claim they have always been calm, cool and collected while delivering a large batch of brews to anxious guests. Peter actually considers it to be an easier feat than carrying a tray of martinis (They’re always filled right to the brim! He exclaims.) Maria begs to differ; she thinks martinis are easier.



Despite what it may seem, Peter and Maria do not spend their time outside of our Haus honing their upper-body strength.


Peter is a self-declared “California boy but a liquor store cowboy” who loves hunting, fishing and rocking his cowboy boots whenever he gets a chance. He also loves spending time with his 10-month-old daughter.



When she’s not impressing guests with daring acts of delivery, Maria loves to share her passion for music, travel, and hang out with her dog.



Come see Peter and Maria in action at our Haus! Make a reservation here




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