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Food   /   September 30, 2016

Putting Our Best Shank Forward

Today we’re going to whet your appetite for tomorrow’s Oktoberfest special: Schweinshaxe, aka pork shank. (It may not be easy to pronounce, but it sure is easy to enjoy!)

If you really want to get down to it, Schweinshaxe is pork knuckle. It’s very popular in Bavaria and right here at our Haus!

Are you ready to get let in a secret? We’re going to share how we make Saturday’s signature dish extra special, just for you.

The process actually starts the day before we serve up these delicious beauties. That means that right this second our pork shanks are being steamed to ensure they reach the perfect amount of crispiness.

We then marinate each pork shank in our secret blend of spices, including chunks of the amazing pretzel salt you’ll find on our twisted temptations.

Now they’re ready to be cooled overnight. This is where the spices really sink in!

Come Saturday, we roast the pork shanks at three different temperatures for two hours.

Time to get served! We pair our precious pork shanks with a potato dumpling, bread dumpling and traditional green cabbage bacon salad.

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to spend your Saturday with us (beer, friends, spankings, bar games, celebrities…do we need to keep going?), our pork shank is the icing on top of the proverbial party cake.

Come in and ham it up with us tomorrow night, and try one of these pork shanks while you’re at it! Want to take your taste buds over the top? Pair it with our limited-time Oktoberfestbier.