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Oktoberfest   /   November 03, 2016

Oktoberfest 2016 Rocked Our Haus

We already shared how Munich’s 2016 Oktoberfest stacked up in this blog post.  Now the question is how did Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas compare?


Our 13th Oktoberfest ran from September 16-October 31 for six glorious weeks of brews, food, live entertainment, games and much more!


Let’s start with the brews…and other beverages.


Delicious oktoberfestbier being served

Of course, all of our beers got love this Oktoberfest, but it should come as no surprise that our Oktoberfestbier was by far the best-selling brew of the Fest.


Celebrity chef Carla Pellegrino taps the keg at hofbrauhaus las vegas


Our celebrity keg tappers helped us pour on the fun by tapping into our famous brew…but it’s not as easy as it looks. Rich Little, the Crazy Girls and Carla Pellegrino needed the most strokes to get the beer flowing. Carla tried so hard she smashed a stein while one of our partners, Tony, wanted to start pouring the beer!


Even though Oktoberfestbier was a hit (literally!) we have to point out that the most popular beer cocktail was the Bananenweizen (Banana Weizen), a delicious combo of our Hefeweizen and Crème de Banana.


Guests get spanked during oktoberfest at hofbrauhaus las vegas

Guests also enjoyed our Apfelschnaps (Apple Schnapps) the most of our Schnapps selection (read more about what beer pairs with this liqueur here). 


One of the things that sets our Haus apart from the rest (other than the world-class brews, of course) is the way we serve up shots! We’re talking about the spankings. Our servers spanked a whopping 4,500 guests during this season’s Oktoberfest. That’s a lot of whacks!


Delicious pork shank served to hundreds of guests during the annual oktoberfest celebration at hofbrauhaus las vegas


How did the fare, well, fare?

With their fresh-baked goodness and array of dipping options, our Jumbo Completes (jumbo pretzels) were a giant success among the appetizers. They were our number one seller by far, but our Paniertes Jägerschnitzel, aka Breaded Schnitzel “Hunter Style” was our best-selling dinner item. Our Pork Shank was the favorite among the daily Oktoberfest specials. Now we’re getting hungry.


Our band helped the crowd burn off the beer and food with their energetic renditions of international and popular hits. We started each night with the National Anthem, which means it was played 46 times throughout Oktoberfest. But the jam that really got the crowd going was Sweet Caroline. It was the biggest hit of the Fest!


In all this excitement, it’s no wonder there was one place in particular that saw a lot of action: our Lost & Found. Over the 46 days 103 items were left without an owner:

  • 60 credit cards
  • 20 pair of sunglasses
  • 6 picture frames
  • 5 IDs
  • 5 cell phones
  • 4 hoodies/jackets
  • 2 sets of car keys
  • 1 wallet

Whew! What a whirlwind Oktoberfest 2016 has been. We dare say it was our best yet!

What was your favorite part? Share in the comments?


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