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Experience   /   September 29, 2016

Give Us A Shot

Or better yet, let us give one to you! Our brews may have made us famous, but we’re just as partial toward shot glasses as we are to steins.

They are part of our history after all.

When you request a shot of your favorite booze, we like to serve it in a way as unique as we are — on a handmade wooden paddle. Holding up to six shots, these paddles were originally designed to allow servers to deliver multiple shots across the long wooden tables found in many beer halls and taverns like the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich (and our Haus)!

But at Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, our paddles pull double duty. Some patrons not only like to be served with the paddle, they also ask to be spanked by it.

Yes, spanked.

Legend has it that one warm Las Vegas night a bachelor party descended upon our Haus. It was bachelor business as usual—beer, friends, food and, of course, shots. When one of our Dirndl-clad waitresses served a shot for the bachelor while from one of our authentic paddles, he took the shot then pointed at the paddle and asked, “Do I get spanked now?” She was quick to reply, “If you would like to!”

Well, she didn’t have to threaten that bachelor with a good time! He stood up, bent over the table and prepared for his spanking. The waitress wound up and delivered a blow heard ‘round the Haus. The crowd went wild, and we had a new tradition.

Today, our Jägermeister girl Judy is infamous for her whacks. Clad in black, our paddling princess (or Spankstress if you prefer) can be found serving up shots and swats to those brave enough to accept the challenge. Are you?

Even when you’re not at our Haus, you can still be part of history with your very own shot paddle! Get it here.