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Oktoberfest   /   September 20, 2016

As Wilson Phillips Says, Hold On

If you’ve been to our Haus during Oktoberfest then you have probably seen people who can really hold their beer. But we’re not talking about alcohol tolerance.

Our annual Oktoberfest Maskrugstemmen Competition (Mass-kroog), aka stein-holding, is a Bavarian test of strength and endurance that challenges contestants to hold a 1-liter stein of our brew for as long as they can.

Sounds easy, right?

What if we told you the stein and brew weigh about five pounds and must be held in front of each participant at shoulder level and parallel to the floor. No bent elbows. No switching arms. No spilled beer.

What’s in it for those who accept the challenge? Besides a little friendly competition and bragging rights, the winner each Friday and Saturday during Oktoberfest receives a six-pack of our limited Oktoberfestbier. They’re also finalists for the Grand Prize of Dinner for 10 (up to a $500 value) at our Haus!

If you think you’re up for the challenge, join us on a Friday or Saturday through October 29 for a chance to hold your own!