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Food & Beer   /   May 25, 2017

An Appetizing Look into Our Favorite Chef


Franz Krondorfer is an impeccable chef with a note-worthy resume. When he isn’t at our Haus cooking up your favorite Bavarian dishes, he’s at home preparing food for his family and friends.


Read on and discover what makes an expert Chef like Franz tick.


Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born in Linz, Austria.


Q: What inspired your interest with food?
A: Growing up with only my dad required me to start cooking at a young age.

Q: What did you do before becoming the head chef of Hofbrauhaus?
A: I did my apprenticeship in Austria. After that I worked at a restaurant called Zum Franziskaner in England followed by a restaurant called Spatenhaus an der Oper  in Munich. I was also an Executive Chef on a cruise ship named Queen Elizabeth II. Later, I took over as tenant of all restaurant operations for the Bavarian government.


Q: Who has been your favorite keg tapper so far?
A: All the UFC fighters were great. Although, they are tough and mean when you see them fighting, in person they are so nice and willing to talk with our guests and sign autographs.


Q: What is your favorite dish on the Hofbrauhaus menu and why?
A: There are several dishes I enjoy from the pork roast and schnitzel to a traditional wurstsalat because they remind me of flavors I grew up with. I make sure all our dishes retain that authentic Bavarian flavor by using a selection of these seven spices


Q: What are your favorite comfort foods and why?
A: My favorite comfort foods are French cheese, mozzarella, seafood, and prosciutto because they get me in a good mood for the evening. I also enjoy a red wine and French Sauvignon Blanc with an early dinner.


Q: What are your hobbies outside of the Hofbrauhaus kitchen?
A: I enjoy scuba diving, fishing, shopping, traveling near the ocean and playing golf in the desert.


Q: What are three ingredients you must have in your fridge?
A: Cheese, good Italian prosciutto and red wine.


Q: What is the craziest request you’ve ever had from a guest?
A: Once a customer asked me to cut up a prime center cut filet mignon for her dog. I found it so crazy that someone would feed their dog such a high quality cut of meat!


Q: Do you cook at home?
A: I always cook at home! When I’m in the comfort of family and friends, I try new recipes and feed everyone. It’s always a hit!


Q: What is your preferred Hofbrauhaus beer to drink and cook with?
A: I like to drink Hefe Weizen because it is very refreshing, goes great with seafood dishes and makes a great wheat beer soup. For cooking, I use smoked beer because it makes delicious pork dishes.


Q: Would you be willing to provide a personal recipe for readers to make at home?
A: Of course! Here is a family recipe called Mom’s Apple Short Pastry:



As you can see, Franz is passionate about his food and we guarantee you won’t leave our Haus disappointed.

Experience his fantastic dishes and make your reservation here.


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