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Tradition   /   October 28, 2016

A Stein-tastic Voyage

If you’ve been to our Haus (or any Hofbräuhaus), you’ve probably had a drinking experience with one of our steins. With their dimpled appearance, ample size (half or full liters) and solid glass frame, they are just about the most unique beer vessel you’ll find.


But wait, aren’t those lidded contraptions with the awesome pictures steins too?




The word stein is short for Steinzeug, a German word for stoneware. It may have also come from Stein Krug (stone jug or mug) or Steingut (stone goods), as stone was the common material before glass came into the picture. Steins were also made from wood, ceramics, crystal, porcelain, earthenware, pewter or silver. Materials like ceramic helped keep the beer colder for longer drinking pleasure.


So what about those lids?


They’re not only fun to flip up and down, the hinged lids on our steins serve a purpose. Much like Spanish tapas were used to protect drinks from flies and other mischievous pests, the lids were added to steins to keep leaves and insects from falling into the precious brew. Some even believe the lids were created to keep diseased flies away during the era of the Black Plague. Talk about a buzz kill!


Ok, so how did the pictures make their way to the steins?


As with many things in history, steins tell a story. Often hand painted, the images can have a variety of styles and meanings. They may be traditional, denote someone’s occupation, have a theme like Christmas, or even be 3D! You may also engrave a stein in celebration of an event you want to remember (they’re excellent for toasting and prosting). At our Haus you can even find steins featuring Germany, German states and the Bavarian Crest.


More than a mug.


As you can tell, a stein is basically a container from which to drink beer, but at our Haus it is so much more. We call our famous glassware by the same moniker because it deserves a name steeped in history, individuality and tradition. Nowhere else in Las Vegas serves world-class brew in such bold fashion. Heck, even holding one up for extended periods of time has become a sport!


Speaking of sport, some collectors have made quite the hobby out of gathering these historic treasures. With so many varieties, the collecting fun really is endless! We’ve had quite a few stein enthusiasts add to their stash with selections from our Haus.


Okay enough reading about our steins. It’s time to start drinking from one! Prost!



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