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Experience   /   March 24, 2017

He’ll Blow Your Mind


With his dynamic presence and surplus of skills, you may think you know all there is to know about Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas’ favorite music man, Lynn Hetrick, aka MC Johann.


But you’d be wrong.


There’s more to our resident DJ and Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas veteran than meets the eye, and we’re proving it by sharing the answers from our recent Q&A sesh


Q: Inquiring minds want to know;exactly how many instruments do you play?
A: Too many to count! But for Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, I play eight: the melodica, flugelhorn, trumpet, saxophone, drums, Swiss alphorn, small accordion, and Austrian cowbells.


Johann Playing the Saxophone and French Horn


Q: Where did you gain your musical prowess?
A: I come from a very musical family, so I started with piano lessons at two years old before moving on to brass and wind instruments. Growing up, I played at my uncle’s church and school dances.


Young Johann Playing Drums and in High-School Jazz Band


Q: What inspired you to stick with music?
A: Girls love guys in bands! And people enjoy music and I love making people happy.


Johann with his Girlfriend, Wanda


Q: How did you end up at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas?
A: I was in town from San Diego in 2003 and saw that it was open— I thought I was hallucinating. I made the shuttle I was on stop and let me out so I could go in and introduce myself. I sent demos after that, and then showed up every night of Oktoberfest in lederhosen and my Alphorn strapped to my back. I wore them down I think…and here I am 13 years later.


Q: How did you become MC Johann?
A: When I started performing and people found out I’m half German but my name is Lynn, they seemed disappointed. My middle name is Sean, which sounds like John which in German is Johann, so I started going by that instead. I met my girlfriend at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, and even she and my family call me Johann. It’s who I am.


Q: You’ve seen a lot of Oktoberfests at the Haus. Any favorite moments? 
A: I love Oktoberfest because everyone is here to have a good time. It’s great to meet all the celebrity keg tappers; sometimes I get a little star struck when it’s someone I grew up watching, like Pam Anderson or Engelbert Humperdinck. Oh, and I did get a tattoo during Oktoberfest, right here at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas!


A Tattoo, Johann with Engelbert Humperdinck, and with Pamela Anderson


Q: When you’re not entertaining the crowds, what do you like to do? 
A: I have a condo in San Diego so I love to hang out at the beach whenever I can. I also play golf with my 83-year-old dad. I don’t think I’ve beaten him yet.


Johann in a Sandpit and Playing Golf with his Dad


As you can see, our MC Johann is a man of many talents. You can witness them all live at our Haus, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Come say hi and experience the best Bavarian experience in Las Vegas! Reserve a spot here





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